Where Is Sample Paper Of BCA Entrance?


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The BCA Examination paper is an examination paper used to gauge a student's aptitude at a subject. BCA can be an acronym for many different topics of study, yet all are known as a 'BCA' paper within their field. BCA could stand for Bachelors of Computer Applications, Bachelors of Creative Arts, or a Bachelors of Commerce and Administration. The previous examination papers of each of the subjects, whichever it may be, are not posted on the internet or in books, as students might be able to second guess the examination committee in what questions they might select for the new examination paper. However, they can possibly be found through the individual university or college you are applying to, under their resources section, or on the department's page, or by contacting the university directly to get hold of them. Also, if you are taking courses to help increase your chance of passing the entrance exams, they also offer previous papers and example questions as part of their own resources to aid in the learning process. It is highly recommended that you attend a course like this to help in your understanding of the entrance examination requirements, rather than simply attempting to complete the past papers. These courses are designed to build up your knowledge of a subject from the basics, thereby leading to a complete understanding of the material.
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You have not mentioned which institute you want to get admission in. However, here is a link that might be of some help to you in preparation:

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