What Is The Best Treatment For Hormone Imbalance?


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Some of the best treatments for hormone imbalance are mentioned below:
1- Vitamin E therapy has been used and suggested by people.
2- Change your diet and use Soy products in your regular diet as they are helpful in relieving the symptoms.
3- Do try herbs like cohosh, chickweed, motherwort and voilets.
These few tips are really helpful in treatment for hormone imbalance.
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Apart from regular exercise, a good nights sleep and avoiding caffeine , the thing you need to avoid the most is sugar it makes you feel high and then when it leaves your system it causes a big drop in mood ,eat foods that slowly release energy such as rice,potatos,bananas,brownbread,beans,brownrice,seeds,nuts not salted,porridge,avoid cakes,chocolate,sweets,whitebread,crisps,burgers,chips,and fizzy drinks instead try chamomile tea,water,natural fruit juices,also natural yogurt contains good bacteria that will boost your immune system and help you fight off illnesses take care
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Your best bet is to go and talk to your doctor, they will best be able to tell you which of the medicines are best for you, not just an over the counter medicine that might not have all the supplements in it that you need. Hope this helps, good luck, I know the feeling.
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Hi, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Sydrome 2 years ago and started on a course of diabetes tablets called Metformin and it worked a treat. Am pregnant now with first baby.

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