Can You Take Aluminum Cans To Another State To Get A Bigger Redemption Value?


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You can do that.  I have a friend in Arizona who takes cans to California.
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Well, you can but you would probably burn your profit in fuel cost . We have a company here that buys cans and makes them into 1000 lb bundles/blocks and hauls them to a recycling plant for reuse in other products. They make the money by buying low and selling when the price jumps. That's what I do I save my cans for a year and cash them in when the price is up . I have even seen a story, now get this where a grandma that could not afford to by a pool built one  for the local kids with cans she collected it took five years  but she built a full size neighborhood pool with a club house. Just by collecting cans. We also have around here yards that buy wooden pallets to recycle for reuse/sale them again for shipping freight. There is tons of opportunities in the scrap/recycling business.
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The real problem is simply that the states have made it illegal to do so.  So you can do it but it's not really worth it since you'd be caught if you tried to do it in bulk.

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