Various Types Of Psychotherapy Exist For Treating Clients, Including Emotional Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, And Psychoanalysis. Many Studies Have Concluded That The Various Types Of Psychotherapy Produce Largely The Same Types Of Results?


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Emotional Therapy (or ET) is thought of as therapy that is modern and up to date with the 21st century. ET is a gentle form of therapy that involves talking and working through emotions. Emotional Therapists believe that we suppress emotions as we go through life because they are too painful to deal with. We keep our emotions inside and this will eventually lead to negative consequences, particularly if we have not registered out suppression. Sometimes, we can’t identify the emotions we have, or we know that we are constantly feeling angry, guilty, anxious or fearful although we don’t know why. Emotional therapists use a combination of listening, exercises and journal work to help a patient make the connections with why they are feeling like they are.
Behavioural Therapy, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, believes that we learn behaviours and responses to certain situations as we progress through life. We learn by watching people and by the responses we receive to our behaviour. If a baby is picked up and cuddled every time it cries for example, it will begin to associate crying with a positive response. Behavioural Therapy aims to change our responses to situations and eliminate undesirable behaviours through teaching new ways our body should respond.
Psychoanalysis is a Freudian theory designed to explore the unconscious mind to find any underlying issues. Freud believed that we suppress many thoughts and feelings but they are expressed in a variety of subconscious ways. Exploring dreams for example, is a way that psychoanalysis aims to discover an issue with a person.
Different types of therapies will work well for different types of people, and one type of therapy may work for one person and not another which is why we need different methods. The most important thing is that the result is a positive one, regardless of what type of therapy was used to achieve the result.

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