What Is The Chemical Formula For Chloride?


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It's cl-1
It's electron configuration is 2.8.7.
And it need 8 electron for the 3rd shell to be balanced.
So you ionize Cl by adding another electron.
But why is it Cl-1?
Well, because Cl's electron configuration is 2.8.7. As I mentioned...
When you have balanced it to 2.8.8.
You need to -1 to make 2.8.7.
The actual equation looks like "Cl^1-" not "Cl^-1"
I hope this helped your h/w...
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Chloride is actually an ion to the best of my knowledge and its formula is Cl-(minus is in superscript)
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Chloride ion cl-
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Formula of chlorine is F2 (2 in subscript).
Formula for chloride is just F.

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