What Is A Real-world Example Of A Sample? A Population?


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A real world example of a sample and a population can be based on high school.

  • Sample
A sample would be a group of students who attend high school.

  • Population
A population is all the students in high school within the United States.

  • Sample
An ethnic group in New Mexico would be a sample.

  • Population
All the people in the US are considered a population of people.

As you can see from the two examples there are plenty of ways one can list real world examples based on the concept of sample and population. To help you define each better it is best to define the words in terms of sample and population relating to biology or anthropology.

  • Meaning of sample and population
The meaning of sample is a subset of a population. In other words it is a portion of a population. This meaning can also apply to statistics. A population in general terms, is one that all organisms belong to, such as the same species that live in the same geographical area. Within a population there is interbreeding in order to help the population survive.

In the second example we used a sample of an ethnic group and a population of the whole US. You could also say that the ethnic group is a population and a subset within that ethnic group is a sample.

Sample and population can apply to humans, organisms, numbers, research and other scientific considerations. This is because the terms are often used with scientific research and studies.

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In probability sampling one select the sample on the basis of chances and occurrence of and event. Where as in non-probability sampling one chose a sample on the basis of ones choice or judgment like selecting a sample because they are relative or live close to you.

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