Need A Magnetic Working Model For Physics Class 9. Want To Make It In 2 Hrs. Max. What Should I Make And Procedure?


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You could attempt to make a perpetual magnetic model for your physics class. Some have argued that on a larger scale this model will not be able to work, so why not try and make one on a smaller scale and experiment for yourself.

  • Firstly, make sure you get a small wheel that is non-conductive and has the ability to spin. Once you have that you should make sure it is on a tilting axis as this will be the inner wheel.
  • Get some ceramic bar magnets or some similar magnets if you cannot retrieve the bars and attach them around the rim of the inner wheel. Ensure that each of the magnets you attach face outwards.
  • After that you will need to get a larger wheel that you can fix as the outer ring. Again, you need to make sure that it is non-conductive.
  • Repeat the process again of fitting the outer wheel with magnets, however this time you should make sure that the magnets are facing inwards as opposed to outwards.
  • The inner ring should begin spinning as the magnets located on the outer ring will encourage the wheel to move. The spinning will eventually stop when the opposing magnets face each other again.
  • If you continue to spin the wheel then the inner ring should produce energy and there you have your perpetual magnetic model.

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