What Chemicals Do You Need To Put In A Pool?


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You have to always keep chlorine tablets in the pool and shock it once a week, and take a  sample of water to a pool store where they will analyse it at no cost and tell you whatever else you need to put in it.  Whenever you buy a packaged pool the size of yours it can be a real pain to keep up, not  to mention costly.  The pumps that come with it are really really too small and barely do anything to keep your pool clean.  I ended up buying a large pump for my 4" pool and it worked out a lot better.  Also, my niece worked at a pool store once and she told me that baking soda works just as well as some of the expensive chemicals but I'm sorry I don't remember exactly what she said it was for, to lower or raise the ph alkaline level, or something. 
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Shock (chlorine) when you first open the pool. You'll need ph rise and ph lower and alkalinity rise and alkalinity lower. Your pool company will sell you a bunch of crap and tell you you need this and that if you bring them a sample of your water (cause thats how they make money). I always used Enjoy once a week and my water was crystal clear all year long. You need to adjust ph and alkalinity when it rains a lot. Pools are a lot of work but if you keep up on it it wont cost you much for the season.
Chlorine & ph up & ph down...purchase a testing kit as well.♥

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