What Is Land Bridges Theory?


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  • Land Bridge Theory is an idea that was introduced in the 16th Century by Priest Jose de Acosta. The theory put forward the idea that the Siberians settled the Artic and North America continent known as Alaska over a land bridge that became flooded as the sea level rose towards the closing days of the previous Ice Age.
  • Due to a number of religious beliefs that the Native Americans have, they believe that the land-bridge theory cannot be true. They believe that the people that habituated Alaska were already on the continent when the world began. In addition, there is another theory that suggests the Native Americans have come from one of the Lost Tribes of Israel; however Native Americans reject this theory due to unsubstantial evidence.
  • One particular reason why the Native Americans reject certain notions of where they originate from and how they got there comes down to some scientific theories. Some scientists have stated that there are five genetic groups known as haplogroups which include common genes that Native Americans share in their DNA. The findings identified that group X mirrored genetics that were found in Europeans which suggests that Ice Age Europeans did migrate to North America. This particular theory is another that Native Americans reject in being true.
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At the time of the ice age there were land bridges. This land bridges connected the Philippines to mainland Asia. With the land bridges people travel from mainland Asia to the Philippines and then the water level rose. It submerged the land bridges and then the Philippines was detached from mainland Asia.
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During Ice Ages the ocean level is much lower, so that what are normally islands become peninsulas and people can walk from the mainland to the 'islands'.
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A land bridge is a land connection between separate areas which allow animals and plants to cross and colonise new lands. 
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