Can Folic Acid Affect Menstrual Cramps?


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I don't know about folic acid, but there are plenty of other natural remedies out there for menstrual cramps that do work. For more information, click on menstrual cramps and
menstrual pain
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For many years I had severe cramps the first 2 days of my period and since I started drinking folic acid they've lessened. Usually I drink 1 folic acid pill a day a week before I get it and it does the trick. However, there is one problem. Theres 2 types of folic acid. 1 has a few ingredients and the other has only 3 other ingredients. The one with fewer ingredients and more folic acid is the one that truly works. Its better to drink a vitamin then a painkiller.
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I usually have really bad cramps for about 2 hours the first day of bleeding during my period, but I've not had the pains this time, and I have been taking folic acid for 3 weeks...
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The abdominal cramps during
periods also called dysmenorrhea. It is due to increased levels of
prostaglandins. The deficiency of folic acid does not cause this problem.
Taking of pain killers like mefnamic acid one day before expected date of
period for 3-4 days can work. For more details, visit dysmenorrhea.

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