What Are The Advantages Of Computers?


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Computers has many different advantages depending on their use in different fields.
Computers offers huge storage of different kinds of data(audio, video and text etc),
Computers provide a new way of gaining fast access to knowledge worldwide and redefining Entertainment by websites, online games, online channels and especially online communities.
Different Kinds of computers are used today in Military to operate weapons and to keep check on country's security,
Different kinds of computers are used in Medical field to ensure reliability when operating Patient and even in making Medicines.
Different kinds of computers are used in when Maps for big and complex designed buildings, bridges are designed and thus unimaginable wonderful buildings are created.
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Computer technology fills our world, from the timing of the traffic lights to advanced theoretical modeling and space exploration. While use of computer technology is now commonplace, such has not always been the case. 


  • Computer technology revolutionized the calculation of formulas in mathematics and physics as well as brought about the space race. Computer technology is now used in theoretical modeling and medical research. 

    Time Frame

  • While computer technology changes by the minute, the past 50 years are considered to be the modern age of computing. The first mechanical calculator, the abacus, was invented around 3000 B.C. 


  • Computer technology allows for processing of information faster than the human brain can calculate. However, such technology is prone to errors and is at the mercy of mechanical components which can wear out and software which can become corrupted by computer viruses. 


  • Nearly everything in our modern world is influenced by computer technology. Timing of traffic signals, telecommunications, and even time keeping are controlled by advanced computer technology. In our everyday lives, a simple trip to the grocery can result in multiple interfaces with computer technology. 


  • The benefits of computer technology include scientific discovery, advanced communications, and the speed of processing information.
  •   Advantages:  Reduce manual work which can take years to complete. Save & Secure archives of data Used in Education Field as a utility to improvise the techniques used through games. Used in many other fields as BioTechnology,Agriculture(just to mention for finding climate across cities), Astronomy and many other things.    Faster data transfer - We can exchange data and information with the movement of a mouse. Sending Email, SMS, Fax became very useful comparing to traditional letters and airmails.  We also explore the advantages on banking sector using computer. Now fund transfer, Online Bill payment etc became common among people. ATM machine's used in Banks also works with the help of a computer.  Computer serve as a device to watch movies, hear songs and also for engineering and scientific purposes. So it can be used for entertainment and for study purpose.  The main advantages of computer's are, its fast comparing to human beings. Computer wont get tired and can work in any conditions. Robots work with the contol of a computer, which can be used to work at mines, factories etc. 
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    These gadgets have good and bad influences to children and teenagers. The good influences are them to be able to learn more through the Wikipedia and sometimes they can see the news in the home page of yahoo and sometimes there are websites in learning mathematics, science, English and a lot more subjects. We can also see videos like for baking or cooking just to enhance our brain for that skill.
    Computers and the Internet have changed our lives and even our society since they were first introduced. Computers, in rudimentary form, have been around since the abacus, but computers in the modern sense were first developed around the 1940s. Computers progressed from punch-card programming to actual written programs with commands built in. Scientists today are working on computers with "artificial intelligence" that can "think" for themselves within defined limits. This development could have huge advantages. Think of a vacuum cleaner that can identify a dusty spot and go back to clean it up, or a dishwasher that identifies when the dishes aren't quite clean, and runs for another five minutes.
    Computers created the "information age", where huge amounts of data could be processed. This has led to many advantages in modern life, including easily balancing your bank statement or brokerage account, using dictionary and encyclopedia programs, even planning and designing a new house is possible on your computer! There is software available for almost any need, and if you have a notebook or laptop computer, those programs can go anywhere you go. From writing a letter to designing a birthday card, there's nothing you can't do with a computer.
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    A computer can process data faster than any other machine designed to perform a similar task.
    It can perform the same operation a million times in exactly the same way.
    It has high-speed processing  that is accompanied by high accuracy of results.
    It can store large quantities of data and information.
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    The fact that we can communicate to one another.
    Internet banking
    programmes for companies
    internet for searches on things you may never want to talk to someone close about
    the storage space
    the pictures
    it takes us places we may never see or makes us go to the places we never knew existed.
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    There are many advantages to computers. You can find entertainment on the computer(miniclip, blurtit), you can find information(many places), and even communicate(E-mail)!
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    Computers are very useful nowadays. Communications, it can bring you closer to you friends. No need for papers to store plenty of works, pictures, projects, movies, music, etc. You can do a lot of things with computer. And for me, I can't live without it.
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    The computer is useful to us in a way that,it helps us to do our homework which we don't also help us to be able to discuss with friends in the other parts of the world.
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    A computer is basically a tool capable of

    1. inputting
    2. outputting
    3. storing and
    4. processing

    Over time, computer scientists have
    come up with many uses for computers, from making complex astronomical
    calculations, to the simple processing of text.
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    Precise, manageable development and manipulation of data, for me mathematical tables and calculations.  One of the best features for me is the retrieval of data.  Google, I estimate finds information 99% faster than a human in an average situation could.  In some cases, Google locates info in 3 seconds and it would take me a week searching thru some archive and after a week I might not find what I needed.
    The quality of documents is much, much better thru word processing.  No ugly erasures or wite out or wasting time doing a document over entirely.
    The younger generation have seen and been around computers all their lives.  Older folks know the vast improvements brought about by computers.  I believe computers were in the top 3 inventions in the 20th century, possibly number 1.  Boiled down to one word, the biggest trait of the computer is speed.
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    Computer is a great device. It helps us in number of ways like it made calculation easy for us and can do it at much faster speed than human brain can do. Computers aid to lessen time consumption and repetitive tasks of copy and pasting. Computers are connected with internet (information data base) by which all type of information that humans want is on there.  There are different soft-wares available in the market like Ms Office with the help of which one can type and save their documents. This will eliminate problems reading handwritten assignments. Spell-checker and grammar mistakes are easily detected in such programs and at the end you will get error free document. Once you know how to make use of it, it can be fast and easy to use.
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    We be able to simply do maintenance's ,no require
    to go in the service centre Pc computer as similar to our friend ,
    in this current age , we cannot live without it.

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    You can easily update projects.
    Easier to gain information.
    You can easily get ride of mistakes.
    They're fun to use.
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    We can easily do maintenance's ,no need to go in the service centre  Pc computer as like our friend , in this modern age , we cannot live without it
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    Advantages of computers are that they are quick and accurate, can store a large amount of information, used as a means of entertainment, can do calculations and do project work in a neat way.

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