Many Dry Cereals Are Fortified With Iron, Which Is Added To The Cereal In The Form Of Small Iron Particles. How Might These Particles Be Separated From The Cereal?


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My daughter did this for a science project.
For descriptive purposes, use the suggested serving size on the side of the cereal box.

Crush cereal (can use a blender or food processor)
Put cereal into a zip lock bag with hot water. (enough hot water to make the cereal liquify)
Let that sit for an hour or so for best results.
Using a strong magnet, you have a few options;

You can drag the magnet over the outside of the bag and gather tiny iron particles.

You can put the magnet into the bag, stir the contents around to have the particles attach themselves to the magnet. Take out magnet and rinse off cereal by gently moving the magnet back and forth in a bowl of warm water.

You can place magnet into a smaller sealed bag or wrap in plastic wrap before putting into cereal mixture. Stir and remove from mixture, rinse as above, carefully unwrap magnet to save particles.

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