Does Mass Media (Including TV, Radio And Newspapers) Have A Great Influence In Shaping People's Ideas?


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Mass media has a HUGE influence on the way people's opinions and minds are shaped.

A wise man - who I believe was W. Clement Stone -  once said that we are all a product of our environment.

These days, nothing influences and shapes our environment more than mass media.

How does media shape people's ideas?
When you turn on the TV or switch on your computer, you are immediately opening up a world of unlimited information.

This information shapes the way we think because it ultimately provides the foundations of what we know.

This is because all our opinions are based on the experiences and information we are exposed to - and media has a big say in what we are exposed to.

For example, I wouldn't have a clue about anything the Republican candidate Mitt Romney has ever said or done, if it weren't for the information broadcast on TV and the internet.

Whilst this 'sharing of information' seems as if it is an inherently good thing, there are certain negatives to consider:

  • The information out there is open to bias and prejudice.
  • There is the potential for media to expose our minds to 'harmful' or 'corrupting' influences.
So, whilst the effects of mass media can be both good and bad, it's undeniable that mass media has a significant effect on all of us.
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Keith Old answered
G'day Guest!

Thank you for your question.

It does indeed. It is the main source of information about news and current events.


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