How Do You Work Your Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers So You Can Increase Your Vertical Jump?


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So what sort of exercises can develop your fast twitch muscles to increase your vertical jump? You can develop fast twitch muscles by focusing on strength, power, and speed training. Exercises such as plyometrics utilizing loads, plyometrics, "drop and catch movements", jump squats, Olympic lifts, drop jumps, depth jumps, speed squats, speed benches, Reactive squats, as well as most ballistic type activities in which either high speeds, and or supramaximal forces are employed will develop these fast twitch muscles.
Did you know was a study done by Canadian scientists Dr. J. Simoneau and C. Bouchard that found that you can control up to 40% of your muscle fibers? Popular vertical development programs can help you effectively develop this 40%?

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