What Percentage Of People Have Blond Hair, And Brown Eyes?


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Glen Thornbury answered
Blond hair and blue or green eyes would be far more common! Than the brown eyes and Blond hair!
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I'm not sure but I got a comment not to long ago from how I have blonde hair and brown eyes and they said it was uncommen but I don't know
Your Worst Nightmare Ever Profile
Hmm. Not a big amount. Mostly the blondes have blue or green eyes. There are far fewer blondes with brown eyes.
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sajjad haider answered
According to a survey 27 people had blond hair and brown eyes.From 100 people only 27 had this combination and it is 27%.This is genetic characteristic and varies through race to race.Mostly people of Ireland have this combination.
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Funny, both me and my brother are natural blonds with brown eyes.  Of course, the brown eyes are dominant in my family, but not sure where the blond hair came from.

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