What Are The Similarities Between Laboratory And Clinical Thermometer?


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A laboratory thermometer is much longer than a clinical thermometer, but they are both used for the same purpose - to test base temperatures.  Clinical thermometers are easier for staff to handle. A lab thermometer may be a little more awkward, at least until a person gets used to using it. Fundamentally, though, these instruments are the same - they are simply set up differently for two functions in two very different environments.

Usually, health care workers, such as doctors and nurses, will learn how to use clinical thermometers; laboratory thermometers would be used by lab technicians, scientists and assistants. However, in a pinch, both types of personnel would probably adapt quite easily to using the other thermometer.

  • Head to a library
If you're curious about thermometers and other health care and lab instruments, you might want to visit the local library and find more information. Medical and science textbooks will offer a lot of information about the instruments used to take temperature in a clinic or lab - as well as tons of other useful information. Online tutorials and video clips may also show you exactly how laboratory and clinical thermometers are the same - and different.

The types of instruments you find in hospitals and labs are generally not sold at drugstores or chain stores - instead, they are purchased from wholesale medical supply companies who deliver them in bulk, for a lower rate for item. That's one of the reasons why the medical instruments you see in labs and clinics look different from the ones you use at home.

If you're planning a career in science or medicine, it's good to know the names of various medical instruments, and how they function. Of course, studying science and/or medicine will soon expose you to all the facts you need about the supplies found it most labs and medical facilities.
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They are both used to measure temperature.

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