Just Exactly What Is Bifidis Regularis?


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Bifidobacterium animalis is a Gram +ve anaerobic bacterium, which can be found in the large intestines of most mammals, which include humans. Bifidobacterium animalis and bifidobacterium lactis were formerly assumed as two different species. Presently, both are considered B. Animalis with the sub-species Bifidobacterium animalis sub-species animalis and Bifidobacterium animalis sub-species lactis. Both old names B. Animalis and B. Lactis are still used on product labels, as this species is often used as a probiotic. Danone (Dannon) has laid claim over trademark status on the subspecies strain DN 173 010 and sells the organism as Bifidus Digestivum (UK), Bifidus Regularis (US and Mexico), Bifidobacterium Lactis or B.L. Regularis (Canada) etc.
Bifidus Actiregularis, Bifidus Regularis, Bifidus Digestivum, Bifidobacterium Lactis and its several other types are marketing names fathered by Danone (also known as Dannon in US) for one of the particular bacteria it uses in its “Activia” range of yogurt products.

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