How Many Ounces Is 750 Milliliters?


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30ml in 1oz.

1 oz = 30 ml

1ml = 1/ 30 oz

750 ml = 1/30 x 750 oz

750 ml = 25 oz

for exact calculation go to following site

online conversion

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According to this chart, one fluid ounce = 29.57353 ml.

So 750 / 29.57353 = 25.36 oz.
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It has been to long from school for me to remember the actual conversion chart.  The best conversion chart I can give you is, 1quart is slightly larger than 1litre, 1quart is equal to 32ounces, 1litre is equal to 1000millilitres. Since 750 millilitres is 3/4 of 1litre, that would mean it is about 24ounces.

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