What Does A Rough, Unpolished, And Uncut Ruby Look Like?


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The ruby you see in the jewelery store window with the massive price tag does not start out like that. As it comes from the earth in the same way other natural stones and minerals such as diamonds originate, it is obviously not going to look like the gleaming, bright, ruby colored stone you will see in jewelery stores the world over.

In fact, by having a look at the following picture, taken by National Geographic, you will see an uncut and unpolished ruby could not look further from the final end-product:

The photo shows the uncut ruby looking dirty and dull. It looks like any other old stone or rock you would see lying about but what would you expect from something that has formed out of the minerals and nutrients found in the earth?!

If you are thinking of going hunting for rubies yourself, it will probably prove to be a very difficult if not impossible task. Those working in the ruby trade know exactly where to find them and what they are looking for. To the untrained eye, an uncut ruby just looks like a stone. Of course, if you are really serious about getting involved in the trade you could always do your own research into it and even get in touch with current miners.

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