Explain 3 Examples Of Database Usage In Our Daily Life?


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What Are The Examples Of Database In Daily Life?

It technically depends upon what you mean by a database.

If you mean "where are databases used":

If you mean "what can be modeled as a database from daily life" then lots of examples come to mind
students in a class room
passengers waiting for the subway
employees in a company
petals on a flower
objects being produced in a factory.

The various columns or attributes in a database would then be modeled by the adjectives we might associated with the various items in each group
hair color, attention span, classes attending for students
type of ticket, location traveling from or to, items carried for passengers
pay rate, length of service, location in building for employees
color, distance from stamen, photosynthetic state for petals
size, weight, material for objects

the easiest way to find an example of a database in daily life is simply to answer another question:
"when am I looking for something"

usually what is being looked for can be modeled in a query language
and usually anything modeled in a query language can probably be stored in a database

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