What Do Body Waves Look Like?


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Body wave is a looser but less structured perm. It gives the hair body and enough texture without emphasized curls. If you have been looking to give your hair more body and some oomph, body wave is right for you.

Body wave is a product best suited for people who have stick-straight or limp locks and would like to add more oomph or body to their hair. It can also be used to relax a tighter curl or refine the looks of a curly hair. However, if you already have damaged hair due to colouring, blow-drying or over-styling, the chemicals used in the production of body wave will only worsen the condition of your hair.

As effective as it is, a body wave can last for a period of three months. So in any case, be sure the style you are going for is one that you are willing to carry for that long. If not, it may be better to use rollers or a curling iron instead.

Body wave is not that costly. The price starts at around $50. But the total cost depends on the hair length and texture and on the quality of the salon you use. This is not a process you can rush through in 15 to 30 minutes. You will have to wait at least an hour and half. Your hair will have to be properly wrapped around the curlers and the chemicals applied to soften the structure of the hair.

It is always better to show your stylist what you want or describe it properly. Owing to the fact that you will be stuck with this style for months, you can’t afford carrying a mistake for three months, can you? If there are pictures that show the look you are going for, bring them along; either in the magazines or personal pictures of a person who has that particular style.
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A body wave is like the "big waves of the curl" which curls through your hair. The aim of them is to give more volume and more body to your hairs without heavy curls. Click here to get pictures:
Body wave

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