What's The Difference Between Marsh And Swamp?


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A marsh is a type of a wetland which undergoes frequent flooding in type of tides or overflowing of irrigation canals etc. Typical march contains growths such as grasses, reeds and other herbaceous plants. A swamp is generally bodies of stagnant water. Swamps could me of fresh water or salt water. Swamps are covered by aquatic vegetation.
a marsh is different form a swamp in terms of proportions as well. A swamp has a larger proportion of open water surface and its usually deeper then a marsh.
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Swamps are wetlands characterized by the presence of TREES growing on silty to organic muck soils. They usually occur along RIVER floodplains and in poorly drained basins. Swamps are often inundated seasonally, or remain continually flooded. On the other hand, marshes are treeless wetland where lush growths of herbaceous plants (eg, GRASSES, SEDGES, reeds and CATTAILS) predominate.

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Maline De LaNouex
Sorry but wrong again. If a Swamp stayed inundated, we wouldn't be able to build on them. . This question cannot be answered generally. Louisiana swamps and marshes are different than those small areas in other states.
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A marsh may look like a Swamp to someone not experienced with the land. In a marsh someone could easily be killed by mistaking what we call a "flotant" for dry land. It is a large collection of grasses growing together and can be as large as an acre. A Swamp has dry land and is even capable of building homes, although I recommend building on "stilts". The Swamp will flood but has a large and deep land mass and will eventually dry. On the other hand, a marsh is a wetland that can trick an inexperienced person. A marsh is filled with Swamp plants so tightly grown together that it looks like land. Louisiana loses several hundred acres of marsh every year bringing the Gulf closer and closer to inhabitants and causing billions of dollars in damage to the coastline.

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