What Is Ammonium Hydroxide Plus Copper Nitrate?

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Actually, it is even a little more complicated as ammonia does also create compound salts (search, for example, on the preparation of Copper Ammonium Sulfate).

In this case, add a little more NH4OH and will have Copper Ammonium Nitrate (not NH4NO3), which is commonly used in fireworks to produce a blue effect.
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It's a little more complicated than that. Cu(NO3)2 plus NH4OH will initially yield Cu(OH)2. However, excess ammonia will result in the formation of the complex ion Cu(NH3)4^2+ which associates with two nearby water molecules forming Cu(NH3)4(H2O)2(OH)2.
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Well it really depends on the oxidation state of the copper. Copper exists in either +1 or +2 valency. You will have ammonium nitrate as one product and the other will either be copper (I) hydroxide or copper (II) hydroxide. However you will also need a little more information about the reaction. The above  reaction will exist in an equilibrium and depending on the reaction conditions the equilibrium will either products or reactants.

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