Is Throwing Up A Sign Of Me Going Into Labor When I'm Also Have Cramping In My Stomach?


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Vomiting is not sign of labor. It can be due to pregnancy sickness. Cramping is also normal at 33 weeks pregnancy because baby is gaining weight and uterus is increasing in size to accommodate baby. The cramps of labor are severe and continuous. So don't worry and wait for more 7 weeks.
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How far along are you?  I am 34 weeks tomorrow due Sept. 22nd, with a baby girl.  This is my 12th pregnancy, I have 4 kids, I have lost 7 due to early miscarriage.  It is normal to be crampy and nautious in the last term of pregnancy.  I have experienced cramping, ligament joint pain, back pain, nautiousness, vomiting, etc.  You name it, I swear I have had it lately.  Make sure you stay cool and hydrated, is the best relief.  I have heard it be a sign of labor is around the corner.  So depending on how far a long you are, that could be good or bad.  Good luck.  Also, your doctor can give you some Phenagrin that will help you with the nautiousness and vomiting. 

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