How To Install A Line Output Converter?


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The way in which you do this is a relatively simple one if you know and have the ability to understand what you are doing. If you do not have a clue then it is advisable to ask someone in technology or in a shop or ask a friend who is capable of checking wires accordingly.
Firstly, you will need to connect the LOC by the amp in the hatch. A few things to remember is you need to be absolutely certain that you can tap the line outs from the amp. If you accidentally tap the line ins then the signal will be so low that you'll barely get anything from the speakers and you will have no sound output at all.
Secondly, you will also need to do two things to get the LOC up and running. Either you tap the stock head unit power wire or the amp's power wire in order to power the LOC. Or if this does not work then you might need to tap the amp since it is right there.
Please ensure you find a wiring diagram for the relevant amp, so that you're tapping the proper wires. For the signal, you'll be required to tap the R & L speaker outputs from the amp, and power for the other. Be advised, though: You need to find out which amp goes with which wiring diagram.
If you're also adding the LOC to be able to add a sub, you should first discover if there is any built in crossover or filtering going on in the amp. If there is, it might be filtering out the sub bass frequencies in order to protect the stock speakers. This would result in making your Line Output Connector useless for adding a sub. Another useful site for more details is
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All you have to do is tap into the rear speaker wires. The LOC should have 2-4 wires coming out of one side, and the RCA jacks on the other. Cut, or even just expose, part of the (+) and the (-) on ONE of the rear speakers. (Assuming you are using the LOC to run RCA's to an amp for subs...) Tie into the exposed areas you made on the rear speaker wires and combine the (+)'s to the (+)'s and the (-)'s to the (-)'s....either by soldering or crimping are the best ways. Plug your RCA's into the LOC and run them to the amp!
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I'm having the same problem with my 07 chevy impala. Can't seem to figure out which wires need to be connected.
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You need to find 2 sets of speaker wires in the car, behind the radio is the best place. Hook up the line output converter to the left and right outputs coming out of the radio, preferably using the rear speaker wires. You MUST make sure to get the phasing correct, ie positive and negative or you will have little or no sound. Then run the RCAs to the amp. Your car may have a factory amp, in this case you need to tap in after the fatory amp. To keep tracking about the ubit conversions, you can use this Unit Converter ,to get more instant results.

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I have an install edge iec auloc adjustable lone output converter for my stock radio on a 2002 dodge neon... How do I hook it up?
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Line output converter

speaker out coming from car stereo connect it to converter input terminals

audio input of any amplifier connect it to converter output terminals

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