How To Build A Flying Machine At Low Cost?


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A low-cost flying machine is easy to make right at home that even kids can do it. All you will need are paper and helium balloons. Make a boat shape out of paper, and you can even use old newspapers or comic books. Glue the folds together so they don’t fall apart, and so it’s strong enough to hold small pieces of toys. Attach the boat’s ends to a couple of balloons and watch it fly around. You can even experiment with heavier or lighter ships, and more balloons for double the fun.

For a more intricate project for older kids, try the following: Get a small machine that runs on double A batteries, printer paper, a compass, foot-long ruler, can lid, scissors, and toothpicks. Use a pencil to draw a spiral 1 ½ inch from the edge of the paper, and cut it out. Use the ruler and toothpicks to ensure that the spiral is stable enough. Next, use the lid of a can which will serve as the base of the spiral, and work on stabilizing the motor. The motor should be on the center of the spiral, put the ruler in the center, and start the motor. Practice will make perfect, you may discover in the first few trials if your motor and spiral are well stabilized and light enough. Practice on a non windy day for best results.

There are many different kinds of flying machines you can make at home for a low cost. They come in different shapes, sizes, and difficulty levels, so be sure that you are working with an adult especially for more difficult projects. When testing out their durability or weight, never use anything valuable, resort to old stuffed toys or small objects if these are designed to carry things. It’s a great deal of fun and science at the same time!
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Take a solar Bertry fix it in square cardboard.take a four  wings (of a broken fans small wings fix a hard plastic) and fix it at all direction of cardboard at far from cardboard and it air had go down.fix it with a solar batteries.and start to fly a free flying Machine...
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I would make a flying mashing with the lightest material you can find. The two brothers that made the first hot air balloon made it with nylon
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Hmm I would say just get some small motors for AA battery and get a printer paper and  some compass use the compass on the paper and draw a spiral 1 1/2 inch apart from the line and cut it out get a long ( about a foot) thin stick and get some tooth pick and makke sure the spiral is stable to the thin long stick get a well light hard plate for the base plastic (lid is recommaned) and then stablize the mottor and the battrey make sure each side is equaly balalnceed put the stick on the motor (motor should be on the center) and TAA DAA let the magic happen it should be well stablized again IT MUST BE WELL STABILLIZED AND LIGHT it willl keep flying untill it breaks try outside when its not windy it will go high up
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You can make a home made flying machine. There is a video on this link, it will guide you through making a flying machine at a low cost.
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Take a machine.tie it with a helicoptor and it will start flying!
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