Sample Application To The Principal Of College For Attendance Allowance Because I Have Short Attendance Due To Back Bone Problem?


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Unfortunately - a sample for the application you are looking for could not be found. However, the following information features a series of helpful tips and advice to assist you when compiling you attendance allowance application.

  • Be accurate and precise

Make sure that everything you write is relevant to the application. State everything very clearly and do not leave anything open for interpretation. Include the health conditions that are preventing you from attending college and state why they are preventing you.

  • Back up your claims

If you are writing to the principal of your college then you will need to make sure that you include professional verification that the health condition you are claiming to be suffering from is legitimate. Get a doctor's note or a referral from another medical professional and send that with the application. That way the principal will know that you are being honest and that your absence cannot be prevented.

  • Be polite and courteous

Make sure that you use the correct term of address when you are referring to the principal and remain polite throughout the letter. Although you may be suffering with a health condition, you can still be polite and appreciative of the people who are taking the time to read your letter.

If you are suffering with a medical condition and cannot physically attend college then it is not your fault, but make sure that you take your college into consideration and inform them immediately.

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