How Has The Printing Press Impacted Society?


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Information became more accessible, affordable and reliable as the price of books fell sixty-five percent. Literacy rates rose and a new educated middle class emerged. Books became a common resource for scholars and professors and it soon became the medium of communication in certain countries and people became more aware of historical events and the state of the world. Cities with printing presses grew percent faster than other non-print cities in 1500-1600. In 1499, two thousand, five hundred printing presses were established in Europe and fifteen million books have already been printed. Authorship became more meaningful and soon Copyrights were invented.

    The printing press was also the downfall of the Church since they could not control what was in print. As commoners read the Bible for themselves, they came up with their own interpretations which often served themselves. Reformer’s ideas such as Martin Luther’s became bestsellers and these all contributed to the Protestant Reformation. Though the Church tried to censor and restrict what people read, many printing presses found a way around it and soon the Church monopoly fell apart.
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The first printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1445. The first document to be printed was the Bible, which in a way brought used of modern invention and technology in the religious field. In the later years the publication of books and newspaper brought an impact on the society. It has been a means of sharing knowledge, self expression and communication. In short it gave society an access to information. In the early years it helped people build on theories and inventions. It also brought about cultural awareness among societies.

Today it has affected the world with its publication of newspapers, books and magazines. It basically provided men with advancement in writing. Ideas were contributed by one person from whom more ideas are generated by few others. The printing press is the only invention that has helped spread information spread far and wide and on a faster basis.
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The first mechanical printing press was the Gutenburg press created by the German born  goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg.

It was important because it allowed a community of scientists to document their findings.  This had an impact of referencing important findings and observations.

This printing press also helped with the 'democratization of knowledge'. Knowledge could be reproduced numerous times over and shared.

The ultimate importance is the humble binded book. Binding provided a method of storing and protecting multiple pages. Large printing towers are long way from the primitive printing presses of 1811.

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