How Many Gallons Is A 100 Lb Keg Of Hot Asphalt?


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Due to gallons being a measurement of volume and pounds being a measurement of weight it is fairly tricky to convert the two measurements. To make it possible you would need to know the mass of the keg of hot asphalt.

There are converters out there, which can aid such calculations but unfortunately there currently does not seem to be one specific for asphalt. If you had 100lb keg of water and you wished to work out how many gallons that would be, you would simply head to:

· Type in the figure you already know, in this case it would be 100
· Choose the measurement you wish to convert, in this case pounds
· Choose the measurement you wish for it to be converted to, in this case gallons
· Click 'Convert'

You should then see that 100lb of water would work out as just under 12 US gallons or 10 UK gallons. To find the mass of asphalt it may be worth going to a builders' yard. They should deal with the material on a regular basis and so should be familiar with the conversion rates and how they tend to work it out.

If you are unsure of where your local builders' yard is then you could always give them a call as it shouldn't take them long to give you an answer either way. If you have a local telephone directory then if you flick to the business section there should be a healthy list of builders and builders' yards you could phone.

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