Can You Define The Levels Of Production?


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There are 3 levels of Production.Even I a kid knows that.

There are 4 types of Production
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The levels of production are:
Traditional Production- this is how people sought to provide for their basic survival, no more, no less.

Domestic Production- This is also called local production and uses local inputs that is-:land, labour, capital and enterprise.

Surplus or Export Level of Production- This is production over and above the domestic needs of a country and is a feature of of mature or developed economies.
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Subsistence;a subsistence level of production is geared towards satisfy basic needs
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The levels of production can classify the amounts of goods and services produced under 3 different headings:
1 subsistence
2 domestic
3 surplus or export levels.
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You guys get it wrong. You are defining types of production.level of production are subsistence   domestic and surplus
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Levels of production are the different stages that a product goes through from the point when it is in raw material form till the point when it is ready to be used by a consumer. Different products have different levels of production. In the industrialized world of today, most levels of production for factory manufactured products are completed on an assembly system, with specialized workers for each level for more efficient production.
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Production is neccessary to meet the consumption needs of human beings. These includes, foods, clothing and shelter etc.
Production operates at three basic levels. They are:
1. Subsistence
2. Domestice
3. Surplus
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Primary production
secondary production
tertiary production
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Well I think that the levels of productions can be classified according to the levels of operation.These levels are dependent upon the resources available, and the extent to which the country has developed to exploit those resources.....
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The production process for different kinds of materials and products varies according to the nature of the product and its specifications and requirements and therefore every product will go through different levels of production.

If we look at it from the point of view of economics, then two things can happen. The average cost of each level of production can either be higher or lower than the marginal cost of production.

If the average cost decreases with every level, then economies of scale have been achieved and the unit cost of each product would be relatively lower. However, if the average cost increases, then the production process productivity diminishing with each level of production.

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Basically there are three levels of productions.first stage is raw material then it is converted into finished goods.but these steps are for tangible goods what about those which are intangible.Third level is territory. It referred to services,which are directly delivered to the customers.
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Level of production is not the levels it's whether the production is domestic, tradition or surplus

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