When And Where Posters Were First Invented?


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Posters were first invented in France during the mid 19th century. Although the first poster was printed by a French gentleman called Jules Cheret in the year 1897. When they first came out they were used to promote new products that were being manufactured in France, for theatre and operas that were to be staged. Within a span of a few years the trend spread to the rest of Europe. Cheret used the 4 color lithographic printing method to manufacture the first 'printed poster' which brought together not just images but also text. Once the printing press had advanced and could function more efficiently, posters were printed bulk in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. The first poster that was ever printed by Jules Cheret was in 1858 called 'Orphée aux Enfants.'
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Ummm I don't get it first you say he made it in 1897 then 1858 that does not make sense.
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If you're talking about the modern posters, I'm pretty sure that they were first invented in 1866 in France. It really boosted the lithography at that time, and without that, we won't be able to order party flyer printing or anything like that. Who knows, maybe we would still draw everything ourselves if it wasn't Jules Cheret.

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