What Type Of Paper Airplane Can Fly The Smoothest And The Longest?


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A SHARPSHOOTER can fly the longest and the smoothest.
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Since there are hundreds of ways to build a airplane there are hundreds of distances they fly some as far as 10 feet to some as far as 60 feet depending on the MPH winds. Hope that helped
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If you want your paper airplane to fly the smoothest and the longest, try making one with the most pointed front and the widest wings. How far a paper airplane goes also depends on the way you throw it. If you throw it very forcefully, that would not enhance its speed, but rather it would land down earlier due to excessive air pressure.
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I don't know I what to find out so I went to this site
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Depends on how structured, but usually not much.from one end of a room to the other end.
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Your all wrong the hammer flies the longest and the smoothest it can go 102 in 4.8 seconds
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Well you put a paperclip and then you find a rubber band and you fling it
and if it doesnt go far you then pick it up and zoom it around

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