What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Socialism?


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Advantages of socialism would be universal health care for all the people, provides all citizens with their survival needs, it would solve the problem of unemployment with minimum social disparities and creating a stable social environment.
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The leading advantage of socialism is that it would solve the problem of unemployment with minimum social disparities
but its disadvantages are more than its advantages it will lead to corruption , internal as well as external trade would be saturated as there would be no competition in the market  and far most disadvantage is that it can  lead to authoritarian society like in china and former u.s.s.r .
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Socialism is part capitalism and part communism. The advantages of it are free health care and free education but the disadvantages of it are high taxes and people have too much freedom to rebel and crime is basically a given.
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Advantage of Socialism: In environments with plentiful resources, socialism provides all members with their survival needs, creating a stable social environment.
Members that cannot participate economically - due to disabilities, age, or periods of poor health - can still impart wisdom, emotional support and continuity of experience to the system.
Freedom from work provides opportunity for some societal members to explore non-economically-productive pursuits, such as pure science, math and non-popular arts.
Disadvantages of Socialism

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