What Are The Inflation Impact On Last Year Economy Of Pakistan As The Distribution Of Income And Wealth?


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I found an article which shows different readings showing the inflation in Pakistan in last year! From 6% to 24 % it has gone up to 24% causing the basics of life unreachable for the poor.

Internet doesn't have much content about Pakistan's economy, the information which internet have is not updated. Read newspaper as much as you can and watch television business news.


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The major impact is on the widening gap of income distribution in Pakistan. I have seen the statistics which literally show that there is a huge income per capita difference between Punjab Southern districts and central Punjab. Look on the top salaries of the corporate employees which because of income had gone up and up while the poor farmers do not have enough to put again in inputs. At the end of year because of less input there is low supply in the market which increases the prices of the products and inflation shoot up. This is weakening the economy of Pakistan. For complete details look into the article:

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Impacts of inflation on different social classes

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