How Has Society's Responsibility To Individual Needs Changed In The Last Ten Years?


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The answer to this question depends on the culture and society in which you reside. For most of us in the western world, there have been a number of changes.

  • 'Health and Safety' laws have increased dramatically, meaning there is a general responsibility for your safety, and blame can be appropriated for accidents.
  • People have begun to keep to themselves more in many places. This may be due to accelerated immigration meaning that many communities feel they have little in common.
  • Policing tactics have changed.
  • The world entered a massive financial crisis.
This final point is perhaps the most poignant. The financial crisis currently being endured by much of the world is likely to become the talking point of our entire generation. It has meant that our governments have had to reevaluate their responsibilities to their communities and look at ways to cut costs. This cost cutting practice has been met with global protest, as many people feel it means that their individual needs and wants will be overlooked.

For the next few years, entire countries will be run on tighter budgets which mean less influence from the government and society as a whole. As an example of this,  David Cameron, the British prime minister, is currently trying to promote a way of life that will see some government control turned over to communities - things such as controlling who operates hospitals and police forces. This idea is an attempt to save money and to put the power in the people's hands.

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