What Is The Normal Level Of FSH And LH Hormones In The Late Luteal Phase?


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In testing 17.4ul/ml as fsh
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Luteal phase starts from the ovulation to the 28th day. The ovulation occur when FSH and LH surge is achieved at mid of the cycle.  After the ovulation both FSH and LH start to fall back their low steady levels. Following are normal levels of FSH and LH in luteal phase.

Early stage of luteal phase:  FSH  3-8 IU/L and LH  4-15 IU/l.
At mid stage of luteal phase: FSH  1-4 IU/L and LH  1-5 IU/l.
At late stage of luteal phase: FSH  1-5 IU/L and LH  1-4 IU/l.

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