What Is The Difference Between Micro Economics And Macro Economics?


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This is actually one of my subjects I'm studying in uni so ill give you the definition from the text book.
microeconomic studies individual economic units. It examines the behavior of people (eg. Managers, consumers, investors, employers, employees, etc)
macroeconomic studies economy wide phenomena such as national income, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, the exchange rate,etc
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Microeconomics is the study of individual small units within an economy such as demand by consumer supplied by individual supplier,market dynamics of a single market and by individual firms or industries.
Macroeconomics is the study of economic problems in the economy as a whole,hence deals with economic aggregates such as unemployment,inflation material output and International exchange.
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Macroeconomics is the study of economics as a whole. Study of sum of individual economic decisions. It deals with issues like , price stability, full employment, economic growthetc.

Whereas, microeconomics is the study of economics of individual firms, consumers or industries. It analyzes
market forces that establish relative prices amongst goods and services.
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They refer to the big picture and the smaller picture. This would be represented as the study of the US Economy (Macro)compared to one of the States economy (Micro).
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Economics can be divided into two. That is micro and macro economics. Microeconomics is the study of the individual markets. For e.g an economist may study the market for compact discs.Marco economics is the study of the whole economy. The cause, effects and consequences of international trade, inflation, economic growth, unemployment etc. 
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The different between macro economics and micro economics are a lot...
But here I will mention a little..
Micro means - small
macro means - large
micro are study the microscopic study of the economics
but macro study the aggregate of the whole economics.
Means to study the whole economic.
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Microecnomics deals with economy of individual fims human.thes issues are addresed & studied for individual welfare
macroeconomics deals with economics issues as a whole. These issues are studied for social welfare
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MIcroeconomics is about studying/analyzing the economics of individual economies/entities (i.e., persons, corporations, organizations, etc.) while macroeconomics studies a whole overall economy that has smaller economies within it (like of a country).
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Microeconomic is the study of economy for small groups down to the factors that determines value of goods and services to a single individual while Macroeconomics of economy over a large groups from tens of thousands to billions (The world)

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