How Do You Dry Out Sunflower Seeds?


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You can roast them in an oven.  

When the seeds can be rubbed easily from the head, it's dry and the seeds are ready to be roasted for eating. First, remove them from the heads and pick out any pieces of stem or other debris.

Mix a quarter of a cup or so of plain salt to a quart of water, and soak the seeds in this overnight. Spread them on cookie sheets and roast in a very slow oven (150 to 200 degrees) until completely dry. Stir them once or twice during the drying time; this will take three or four hours. If you intend to store them for any length of time, put them in jars while still warm and close tightly. They keep very well in a cool dark place.
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You know when its time to dry them out when the flower is ready to harvest. Then you can dry them out by putting them out in the sun or in the window seal.then salt after a few days and enjoy! I love sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds have you ever tried them?
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Spread them out on a towel to dry in the sun.  Turn them every day or two until they are completely dry.

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