I Have A Lump On Top Of My Ribs. It's Growing And Getting Hard.What's Your Thoughts ?


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Hey!  That doesn't sound too good. Have you gone to the doctor?  I've just prayed for you and sent healing white lights. You should have that looked at.
Do you eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies?  Good nutrition is very important in any diseases at bay...I'll pray for you again. I wish you well...Love, Cyndi
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I went to the doc three years ago when it first came up. Doc was not concerned. It has more than doubled since. I went to the doc the other day. I have to get a scan done. But that is next month. Seems like a lifetime. Wondering if there is anyone there that has had something similar.
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Don't want to take any growth or lump lightly. You best get on to the doctor. Might not be that big of a deal, but you'll never know unless you go. It's a scary thing but you don't want to wait around till its too late.
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Well I had a lump in my breast . And I was scared to the limits. When I went to see the doctor she tried to explain to me . That most likely a cyst.  the way you can tell if it is a cyst. Usually a cyst can move,and its usually a round surface which you can feel the edges. With cancer. Its the opposite. I would make a doc. Appointment. To get their opinion , mine turned out to be a cyst . And it just disappeared , good luck

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