How Do Plants Adapt To Their Environment?


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There are various ways which show that how plants adapt to their environment. I am quoting some examples for it. Fr example, photosynthesis in plants is carried out. If a plant does not get proper sunlight or water in an environment then it will not carry out photosynthesis properly. Plants which are found in Tundra biome are adapted with their environment. Can you believe it that there are more than 1700 species of various plants which are found in Tundra? In Tundra there is very limited water and food and the survival of plants is possible because they have adapted to their environment. Moreover, bryophytes which are very small plants do not have specialize xylem and phloem. They survive only in moist conditions therefore, they are usually found near moist rocks. This shows that they are adapted to their environment.

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Another example is how a leaf has a waxy covering one the side that faces upwards in order to protect it from the direct sunlight. Also weeds are harder to remove as they can be bent and virtually flattened by a heavy object or strong wind, yet recover. They develop barbs to deter animals from uprooting them.
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They can in many ways like...
1. Change colour suited to the season
2. Change thickness (when winter comes it gets thinner and thinner intill its nothing)
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All plants adapt. One answer is photosynthesis
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How do plants adapt? Includes (height, buttres, roots(to get more water+anchor), bigleaves,catches water) can you give me the answer know please..

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