Is Current A Vector Quantity Or Scalar?


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Current is predominantly a vector quantity.To support my words I would like you to think the difference between 'mass' and 'weight'.mass is considered as a scaler since it only has a magnitude but on the other hand 'weight' also has mass and a direction(always vertically downwards).Based on this analogy we must consider current 'A VECTOR'.moreover we always consider the direction of current to identify the direction of magnetic field created by current carrying conductor and as per the direction of both the current and magnetic field(both self and externally applied) we come to know thee direction of force on conductor.we even consider the direction of current while we assign polarities to a resistor the direction of flow of current is a very important parameter needed to be concerned while evaluating quantities involving it.
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Current is a vector quantity and is denoted by capital I.
Formula of current is:
I = Q / t,
Where Q = Electric charge (In Coulombs)
  t = time (In seconds)
Current's magnitude is the electric current per cross-sectional area and In SI units, it is measured in amperes per square meter.

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Well thank you for your answer but let me tell you my told tol me that current is not a vector quantity but it's scalar although it has a direction as well but still because it does not follow vector algebra therefore it is a scalr quantity.
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Current is neither scalar nor vector
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Yeah, it's definitely not a vector - and that's a really limited formula that only applies in really cookie-cutter E&M cases. Current density, however, is very much a vector.
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No electric current is not a vector quantity
its a scalar quantity even it has both magnitude and directions

bcz it does not obey vector addition
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Current is always scalar quantity but for circut analysis we show its directions        (I=Q/T)  Q=scalar  charge  and 5=time  scalar

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