What Are The Limitations Of Social Responsibility?


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The limitations of social responsibility for both individuals and businesses could be summarized as awareness, the availability of time and money to contribute and the desire to respond.

Social responsibility is a widely recognized term and is generally applied to businesses. Some companies view social responsibility as a luxury which they cannot afford especially in difficult economic times while others see it as a core value. Often it can reap rewards when caring consumers seek out their products but this does depend on the company getting the message across about what they are doing for the environment or to protect human health.

Corporate social responsibility began as a voluntary concept but regulation is possibly the only way to ensure all companies have regard to their obligations to society. The Human Rights Act could be seen as the first step in this direction.

Some small businesses will have no awareness of what social responsibility means so it will not form part of their operation.

Since the 1980s, large multinational companies have been targeted by campaigners urging them to operate ethically and minimize their environmental impact. Issues have included the exploitation of low paid workers in less developed countries.

Campaigners such as Friends of the Earth and Amnesty have argued that companies should value more than their profits that they have a responsibility to people and the planet.

However, there are fears that productivity and the ability to compete could be affected if companies are forced to adopt policies encompassing social responsibility.
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There are very few limitations of social responsibility. The major limitation is that most ethical behaviors or charities which come under social responsibility require financial contributions. This creates a limitation, for example, a survey was conducted by Professor Paul Foley. They found some managers saying that instead of wasting time on social contributions they would consider marketing their products and services more worthy. Similarly financial positions of the companies also limit them to take any action for social contribution. There are limited funds of the companies which also make their contribution low in social responsibility programs. Moreover, some businesses are considered to exist for the entertainment of people and they are legal but they are unethical like alcohol business. This also limits social responsibility. In other words there are a number of policies and regulations in business which are the reasons of limitations of social responsibility. 

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