What Is Public Opinion?


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An opinion is what someone thinks about something. For example: I like oranges. Well, this is my opinion because I like oranges but some other people may not like oranges.
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Public opinion refers to the sentiments, views and opinions held collectively by a mass of people. It is a concept dating back to 16th century France when the term was coined by Montaigne. It was an outcome of urbanisation and the resultant amassing of people in a smaller geographic area where there opinion started becoming a potent political force.

Theories of Public opinion can be traced back to Adam Smith and Jeremy Bentham.

In modern times Public opinion has become of growing importance in democratic societies where political careers are made and broken based on the attitude of the general public. The Mass Media and Public Relation Maneuvers to a great extent influence public opinion and this in turn has given them tremendous clout.

In the film "Wag the Dog" Dustin Hoffman plays a Hollywood Producer who helps Robert DeNiro a Presidential aide, manipulate public opinion in favour of the President, who has recently had a public backlash after a sexual scandal.

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