How Many States And Capitals Are There In Nigeria And Their Code Number?


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There are 36 states in Nigeria, plus one federal capital territory, making the total states (or equivalent) 37. The federal capital territory is called Abuja and was founded along with the creation of other states in 1991.

There have not always been this many states and the country gradually began to divide into states in 1963. There were many changes in the following 33 years and the last split in states was in 1996.

The country has two kinds of codes these are ISO codes and FIPS codes. These codes are both used for different things. You can find all of the information for the codes in each region on the Nigerian Embassy website.

• ISO codes
To have an ISO code, you must be a member state of the United Nations. They are issued by the International Organization of Standardization which is a governing body for copyright and international standards. Anything that is issued with an ISO code must comply with International Standards code of conduct of trade and also quality. There are currently 248 countries or territories that have been assigned an ISO code. The ISO code for Nigeria is ISO 3166-2:NA.

• FIPS codes
FIPS stands for Federal Information Processing Standard codes. These were originally used within the United States and are now used as a standard across the globe. These codes are used in computer systems to determine a geographic area or place. These are also used in code across the world when referring to weather reporting and any kind of natural disaster monitoring.

All countries keep these records on their embassy webpage and all codes are available for the public to use.
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Their are 36 state and capital in Nigeria
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33 states and code +234
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Want is the code niger state

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