What Is A Lenticular Reservoir And How Is It Created?


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It is very true that there is little to no details about a lenticular reservoir currently online.

Therefore you are best heading to your local library to continue your search.
If you go to the help desk and ask the librarian if they have any books on the different types of reservoirs or even specific books on the lenticular reservoir then they should be able to do a search on their database and find out for you.

If the library is quite a distant or journey from you then you may wish to phone them up first to save you what may have been a wasted trip.

If you do not currently have their contact details then you should be able to find them either in your local phone directory or online using a search engine such as google.com or yahoo.com.

If you have a local reservoir near you and it has a visitor centre then this may be a good place to get lots of information about lenticular reservoirs. Even if the person on the desk does not personally know much about it they should be able to guide you in the direction of someone who does know.

If this is for a homework question then it is likely the teacher who set it knows where you can find the information. Therefore think of any textbooks they may have advised you use as it could well be in here. They would not give you a question if it was near impossible to find out in the time-frame you have been set.

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