Why Was North Carolina Found?


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The reason for founding north carolina is for farming and building their crops so they can sell that and get money and get jobs
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North Carolina was one of the original 13 Colonies, and was originally known as Carolina.  The colonists came to American to escape religious persecution and discrimination by the King of England.  The state was also the home of the Roanoke colony, the first attempt by the English to establish a colony or settlement in America.
On May 20, 1861, North Carolina was the last of the Confederate (southern) states to secede from the Union (northern states). It was readmitted on July 4, 1868.
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North Carolina is located in the Southeast of United States. Its
neighbors are South Carolina, Georgia towards the South, Tennessee to
the west and Virginia towards the North. The capital of North Carolina
is Raleigh.

North Carolina's original inhabitants were Cherokee, Tuscarora,
Meherrin, Coree, Waccamaw, Catawba etc. The first European attempt to
claim this area was by the Spanish explorers. Sir Walter Raleigh was
later granted a charter by Elizabeth 1 in 1584, but he failed to colonize this area. This was done later by King Charles. This colony was established so that it could establish the borders of North American Continent. This colony was named Carolina in honor of Charles 1's father.

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Colonists came to American to escape religious persecution

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