I'm Always Sad, Is That Weird?


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Sweetie, it's not right that you are always sad and feel like you want to be alone. This is depression. Please go see a counselor. Google depression and read about it, the symptoms, the cures, what depression is exactly, and why & how it is and can be caused. There are places that will charge you on a sliding scale. There are resources out there to help if you seriously look for them. Don't let it go. You're life is precious. Believe me, there are more people that are depressed and/or on medication for it than you know. It can be helped. Depression is a terrible thing and it hurts you and the people that care about you. Nothing to be scared or embarrassed about. I can almost say depression is getting to be a very common disorder and can most certainly be helped. Please check into it.
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It is not weird, but it is a big issue. Being depress is not normal, you definitely need professional help, there are things in your life that you don't like and it is making you become a person that rather to be alone and sad, than living a normal life. If you really want to live a healthy life, seek for professional help, it's ok to cry sometimes but for heat you are saying it is depression what you have. Please talk to someone about this that can help you.
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Same here. I think you should go to the psychologist. They might help.
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I know how you fell. I am bipolar and went through a suicidal stage. Some medications help people, but for me medications only mad things worse. If you need someone to talk with give me a shout.
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To know you're sad to begin with means at some point you have had something to compare it with-- at some point you must have been happy to know you now feel sad.  People who have "always" felt sad would not know the difference, and would perceive it as normal, never asking...

So I would say for you, this feeling of sadness is not "normal". My suggestion is to understand when the last time you felt differently was, and when exactly it changed.  Some people find help in speaking to an objective counselor, but others are able to find answers on their own.  And it can be difficult for some to find a counselor with whom they are comfortable.  The important thing is to understand why the change--  obviously you have a desire to feel differently than you do at this time.

To me, this is a clear signal from the deepest part of you that this is not your natural state, and that you wish to feel differently.  Discovery of the reasons is ahead for you, no matter how you choose to do this.  My thoughts:  enlist the help of your support system (even if your support system is just here on Blurtit) to help you sort out next steps.  It can be helpful to bounce things off of other people, if only to give you some additional perspective.  Ask yourself some specific questions... What is missing in your life or where to you feel the void most acutely?  What problem is unresolved?  The answers to those questions (whether it's practical, physical, or spiritual or emotional) will help give you a start in resolving the sadness you feel.

Draw on your resources.  Continue to ask the questions--and be relentless in it--until you find the resources or answers.

I wish you the best.  Shout at me anytime if you feel I can help.  God bless.

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I find this answer very carrying, practical and thoughtful. I agree, sometimes it is difficult to find a counselor you will be comfortable with.
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You're just protecting something when you want to be alone.  Life can be scary, but living in a shell doesn't really solve anything.

This sounds serious enough that maybe you should find a counselor to talk to.  The comments you make on your pictures tell a lot about your self-image and that's something you should work on. 

Talking with friends helps too.  And that's what we're here for.

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That is typically a sign of hormonal or chemical imbalances in the brain.
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I felt so sad reading your question.  At the same time, I felt so proud of you to have had the courage to post it.  

Many people love you, Ks14.  You just do not know it.  Sometimes life take a turn different from what we are used to.  Maybe others do not understand what is really inside of you.  I looked at your pictures and I see no reason why nobody loves you.  You seem to be easy to get along with and you seem to be fun to be with.  I know that people can be sad for unknown reason. It happens to a lot of people and there is a way to deal with it.  

Please see a doctor as soon as you can.  If you are in school, go see your counselor.  Or you can ask your parent or friend to accompany you.  You are so young to be dealing with it alone.  Maybe you have a teacher who will help you.  

In the internet, there's a lot you can read about mental health.  But it is still best to have a one on one talk with a counselor or doctor.  There are so many professionals who can help you.  I think the best and fastest way to get help is to call the suicide hotline.  Check the internet which one is serving your area.   

If you need to talk to someone, please feel free to shout.  I promise to check my Blurtit everyday.  In the meantime, please take care of yourself.  I wish you were nearby so I can give you a hug.    

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Well sometimes I also feel sad for no reason. Maybe it is because you feel lonely. In my previous school I felt sad all the time and I didn't know why, but when I came to the end of being at my school I realised everything... No one had ever been a true friend to me. So now I am going to a different, senior school, I will surround myself with lots of people I can talk to all the time and make loads of friends to take my mind off being lonely. You should meet up with friends a lot, and just make friendly banter with people, even your parents if there's no one else!! Hopefully that'll do the trick ;)
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I feel the same exact way. And I know exactly how you feel. Every other person I know doesnt do that, but me. And I think its not good, but I believe its the only way for me to escape Dx
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Why are you sad for?  Maybe you just need a good nites sleep and wake up in a better mood, but without knowing why youre sad, we can't help you
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Or you are depressed, or this is the way you are. Some people are born with this infinite sadness in them.
Read The French Lieutenant's Woman (1969), by John Fowles or see the movie.

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