What Are Two Types Of Line Configuration?


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Line Configuration
Line configuration refers to the way two or more communication devices attached to a link. Line configuration is also referred to as connection. A link is a communication medium through which data is communicated between devices. For communication to occur between two devices, they must be connected to the same link at the same time. There are two possible types of line configurations or connections. These connections are.
1. Point-to-point connection
2. Multipoint connection
Point-to-Point Connector
The point-to-point connection provides a dedicated link between two communication devices. The entire link or channel is reserved for two devices for data communication, and no other devices can use the dedicated link. Usually, in this type of connection, the two devices are connected together with a cable.
It must be noted that microwave and satellite dedicated links are also possible. Two computers connected together (point-to-point) through microwave link.
When you change the television channel by remote control, you are establishing a point-to-point connection between the remote control and the television’s control system.
Multipoint Connection
Multipoint connection is also referred to as multidrop connection. This type of connection allows multiple devices (more than two devices) to share a single link. The multipoint connection or line configuration is shown below.
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Peer to peer and point to point configuration

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