Which Stereotypes Are Not True About Southern Society?


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There are many stereotypes about the Southern States in the US and most are unfair. Here are a couple that are definitely inaccurate:

  • The South is all conservative and has outdated values

Sure, there are some places where this may be true, but there are also areas where Liberalism and progressive values are far more prevalent.

Carrborro, North Carolina: Carrboro is generally regarded as one of the most liberal towns in the South, and even featured in a recent list of the most liberal places in the US. It's population of 20,000 is made of many hippies, vegans and University of North Carolina alumni, and up until recently was governed by an openly gay mayor.

  • People are uneducated Rednecks

Whilst it is true that most academia is centred around the northern states, the south is not far behind. Duke University in Durham, NC is ranked 8th out of all Universities in the US (and 25th in the world), ahead of Dartmouth and Northwestern, with Rice and Vanderbilt also making the top 20.

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