What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A National Park?


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The advantages and disadvantages of National Parks are all reliant on personal opinion. Aspects that some may consider an advantage, others may see as a disadvantage and vice versa. Some generally agreed upon advantages and disadvantages can be listed however and in most cases the advantages will seriously outweigh the disadvantages.

While many will agree that everything about National Parks is advantageous, there are a few specific points that can be highlighted. Many National Parks, particularly those in the United States, were established early enough to preserve land from pre-settlement eras. The parks provide visitors with an opportunity to visit their national heritage for reasons that could be educational, moral, for recreation or even for health and mindset. National Parks have helped contribute a lot of effort towards conservation projects. Flora or fauna that may not have survived or would have become endangered can be placed into a National Park where they are safe from some predators. Within the local community National Parks can also help boost tourism. People will visit some National Parks from all over the world with a demand for more facilities. National Parks are required to set up shops and restaurants, all of which bring jobs and money to the local area. 

It is difficult to disagree with some of the advantages of National Parks but there are a few points that have been raised that could make them seem disadvantageous. There has been some controversy about the way some National Parks have dealt with tourism. A famous example is Yellowstone's introduction of wolves into the park. While these wolves are fantastic for visitors to spot, they have caused problems for sheep and elk farmers nearby. Many argue that the parks encourage unnecessary interaction between humans and nature, that it is something that should be left. When considering conservation, it has been suggested that the money that is being spent on National Parks is actually taking money away from other, bigger conservation projects.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of National Parks. While many of them are not entirely agreed upon, it is often up to the individual to decide which outweighs the other.

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